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Exhibition in Marrakech: a tribute to American philanthropist Patti Birch

Written by FDM

The National Museum Foundation (FNM) organizes, in Dar El Bacha-Museum of Confluences in Marrakech, an exhibition in tribute to Patti Birch, an American philanthropist.

Dar El Bacha-Museum of Confluences in Marrakech is hosting an exhibition in tribute to the American philanthropist Patti Birch. The opening, which took place on November 1st , brought together many personalities such as Mohamed Sajid, Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Crafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, Jack Lang, President of the Institute of the Arab world (IMA), or Mehdi Qotbi, president of the FNM.

Organized around the theme “Voyages de Patti Birch: Passions et Collections” (Travels of Patti Birch: Passions and Collections), the exhibition brings together nearly 200 objects from Patti Birch’s collection created through his travels for decades until his death in 2007. In her lifetime, Patti Birch also donated $1 million to restore the Koutoubia Minbar and bequeathed 1,500 objects, which are now the backbone of this museum, “said Mehdi Qotbi.

 Patti Birch was born in 1923 in New York and joined the art and museum realm from a young age working as a curator in the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is in this context that she carried out during the sixties a restoration campaign during which she restored the minbar of Koutoubia, currently exposed at the Palais Badii in Marrakech. She then became interested in Dar El Bacha in which she wanted to create a museum of Arts consisting of universal collections of undeniable anthropological value, part of which is presented during this exhibition.

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