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An exhibition on “The Bidaouiyate, women of Casa” (photos)

Written by FDM

“L’Bidaouyates, femmes de Casa” (L’Bidaouyates, women of casa), the exhibition signed by the French artist Elvézir has opened at the French Institute of Casablanca from March 6 to April 21. With his drawings, Elzévir makes us discover the women of Casa as we have perhaps never noticed.

“When I immerse myself in a city that I discover, to make a portrait of it, I first need to remain a spectator, an observer of those who live in it and animate it … I chose to paint Casablanca through a series of portraits (large gouaches, 150cm / 110cm) of women, the Bidaouyates “, explains Elvézir.

The painter who stayed in Casablanca between late September and November immortalized silhouettes and characters. “By this approach, I try to show the multitude, the plural image of its inhabitants, whatever their age, their social condition, their dress habits, the latter often mixing tradition and contemporaneity. “The people I choose to paint, often from the back, are strangers I meet in the street. Color, lights or attitudes hold my attention. These singularities appear to me as symbol characters. Representatives of their city by their diversity, their common point is to live, to live together in the same city, while remaining anonymous on a canvas,” he said.

The result is 14 portraits of stranger women representing the image of Bidaouiyate (Casablanca native).