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Exclusive: Hadda Ouakki intends to end her career at the end of this year  

Written by FDM

Following her concert, July 6th, at The Timitar festival, Hadda Ouakki, emblematic figure of the Amazigh song sat down on an exclusive interview with FDM. Her remarks were just as unprecedented.

As expected, Hadda Ouakki lived up to her reputation. A diva of the Amazigh song which succeeds, thanks to her mere presence, to excite her public and to spark a lot of emotion in each of her songs. FDM met with her yesterday at the end of her concert as part of the 15th edition of the Timitar Festival, Signs and Culture in Agadir.

With almost 50 years through her career, Ouakki went through a lot. From braving family traditions, leaving home at 16 to pursue her passion and moving to a city (Casablanca) not knowing a single word of Arabic …, she still persevered. “Nearly 50 years later, I’m still here. I’m not the same, I’m getting older, health is not what it was, but I’m still here …” she said.

However, as nothing can be infinite, there shall come a time when things – even the most beautiful of them- must have an end. “I have neither husband nor children. I only have God. But I plan to end my career this year. I have certain commitments, and as soon as I finish them, I will stop singing” the diva announced. ” I feel that I have reached an age where I no longer have to sing. I would like to make my pilgrimage.” she explained.

But what will become of Hadda Ouakki’s legacy? Who will take over? Well, no one, as she believes. “Right now, what matters to me is to be in harmony with myself and at peace with everyone.”

And to leave her audience on a happy note the diva was kind enough to utter some words of wisdom and made sure to convey a life message “Women’s rights are sacred. But there must be respect between the man and the woman. Respect is essential. A woman can not live alone. This also applies to the man. We must live in harmony with ourselves and with others, always be surrounded, and this is one of the secrets of happiness.”