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After Everest, Bouchra Baibanou tackles the last highest summit in the world

Written by FDM

After conquering the six highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, Moroccan mountaineer and adventurer Bouchra Baibanou is about to conquer Mount Vinson in Antarctica (4.892m), the last remaining mount remaining on her list of challenges.

Nothing stops the adventurer from conquering the seven summits, her lifelong aim. On Tuesday November 27, Baibanou held a press briefing in Casablanca where she shed light on the details of her new adventure which is set to start on December 2nd.

Bouchra Baibanou will leave on December 2 to Punta Arenas, the southernmost city of Chile and thenceforth she will take flight to reach the Union glacier in Antarctica. If the weather conditions are mild, another flight will be at her disposition to go to the base camp Mount Vinson at 2,200m. The climb will last about 10 days and will be in extreme cold weather (around -40 ° C).

The Seven Summits have been a mountaineering fantasy since the American Richard Bass popularized the idea in the early 80’s. Promoted in many movies such as the American blockbuster “Everest”, the athletic challenge intrigues but attracts few foolhardy because of its dangerousness.

If Bouchra Baibanou succeeds in her challenge, she will become the first Moroccan to have reached the seven highest summits of the seven continents. ” My message is to prove that dreams can come true. Just believe it and have the will, “she says.

Mount Vinson is the highest summit in Antarctica. Despite its 4.892 meters altitude, the mount was discovered in 1958 during an overflight. It is also one of the least developed mountains, only 1,100 people having ventured to date.