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The European House of Photography grants carte blanche to Hassan Hajjaj

Written by FDM

This is the first retrospective in France of the master of Moroccan pop art Hassan Hajjaj. Indeed, the European House of Photography (MEP) in Paris gives him carte blanche from 11 September to 17 November.

The artist and photographer based in Marrakech Hassan Hajjaj will display his works, from September 11 to November 17, at the European House of Photography (MEP). The famous Paris exhibition center gives him Carte Blanche ( White card) in light of the third biennial photographers of the contemporary Arab world.

On the walls, the path of the Anglo-Moroccan artist through many photographic series, but also installations, videos, furniture, and decorative elements. Result: his interest in the world of fashion and clothing shines as well as his critical and uninhibited point of view on the consumer society, the issues of tradition and identity with his particular look on hijab-wearing, or still the daily life of people he meets, friends or strangers he encounters on the street in Morocco or elsewhere, as recalled by the MEP on their website.

And it’s not over. For Hassan Hajjaj himself offers carte blanche to two Moroccan artists whom he successively invites to present their work in the Studio of the MEP, namely Zahrin Kahlo (from September 11 to October 13) and Lamia Naji (from October 18 to November 17).