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“Entr’Elles” second edition honors 4 inspiring women

Written by FDM

Entr’Elles, the all-women meeting, organized its second edition on the eve of the international women’s day, honoring four guests: the animator Aziza Laayouni, the actress and director Samia Akariou, the first Moroccan woman to reach Everest Bouchra Boubainou and Leila El Andaloussi president of the association WIMEN.

Organized by the pharmaceutical company Bayer on Thursday 7 March, the event had the exceptional guests of honor talk about their exciting journeys. They opened up about fears and weaknesses they had to conquer especially to succeed in a patriarchal society where women have to fight to win.

They are wives, moms but above all, they are women with dreams. “If I had thought in a traditional way, I would have never reached the 7 highest peaks in the world” reveals Bouchra Baibanou.

“We must first have the passion and belief in our abilities. Choosing the right partner is just as important because otherwise, marital life would become impossible,” adds actress Samia Akariou.

To believe in yourself, to persevere and to have a purpose in life are essential to assert yourself as a woman. “We must stop putting obstacles in our way. If a woman wants to succeed, she must first think about her purpose and how to make it a reality as a human being and not as a woman. There is no difference,” said Aziza Laayouni, host of Sabahyat 2m.