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Emotional education at the heart of Reda’s Smile campaign

Written by FDM

On the occasion of the National Youth Suicide Prevention Day on February 5, Sourire de Reda launches a new communication campaign based on emotional education and the role of family and friends in supporting a young person in distress.

Since its 2019 campaign, the association has raised awareness about the entourage’s role in supporting a young person in distress and the need to unite the whole environment beyond families and friends: teachers, educators, doctors, psychologists … The campaign shows that everyone can be a preventive player and that we all have the “superpower” to help a young person ready to take action.

In 2020, Sourire de Reda takes up this message and continues its awareness-raising action, this time articulating its campaign around the concept of emotional education, still very little known in Morocco.

These dimensions are often overlooked, especially among young people whose linguistic, mathematical or technological skills are more valued. The intelligence quotient is put forward, whether in educational institutions or at home, sometimes even at the expense of the emotional quotient.

# ana_m3ak Faced with the adolescent crisis, many young people find it difficult to identify and verbalize what they are experiencing or do it in an awkward manner. They feel misunderstood and lock themselves in their suffering. This lack of communication increases the risk of taking action.

The Wheel of Emotions

Based on its knowledge of the field, the work of its young volunteers and the feedback from its Stop Silence listening platform, Sourire de Reda is experimenting with a new tool, “The Wheel of Emotions”, which makes it possible to formulate graduated eight basic emotions in a language adapted to young Moroccans and, in particular, in dialectal Arabic “darija”.

“The wheel of emotions aims to provide people who want to help suffering young people with the tools they need to put words into their feelings and create a common language. By opening up and expressing their emotions, the young person will be able to regain calm, reclaim their life project and move away from morbid impulses and desires to take action. Explains Meryeme Bouzidi Laraki, President of Sourire de Reda.