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Emblematic actress Amina Rachid died at the age of 83 

Written by FDM

The actress Amina Rachid died on Monday, August 26, at the age of 83, following a long illness. The actress has marked a generation in the artistic community.

She is one of the icons of theater, film, and television in Morocco and she has just left us. Amina Rachid died on Monday, August 26, after a long illness. Born in 1936, she began her career in the theater and national radio in the early 60s. And in 1955, she debuted in the 7th art with the film ” Le médecin malgré lui ” by French director Henry Jacques, a Franco-Moroccan-Egyptian production. Among the other films in which she played, we remember “A la recherche du mari de ma femme” by  Mohamed Ben Abderrahmane Tazi (1993), “Lalla Houbi” of the same director (1996), “Destin d’une femme” of Hakim Nouri (1998), “Elle est diabétique, hypertendue et refuse de crever ” of Hakim Nouri (2000) and “The Angels of Satan” by Ahmed Boulane (2007).

For the president of the Moroccan Syndicate of Dramatic Arts Professionals, Messaoud Bouhcine, the death of Amina Rachid is a “great loss” for the national artistic landscape, noting in passing that the actress had integrated the cinematographic field at a time when it was difficult for women to access it.

Amina Rachid also had a wonderful experience in radio drama, television, and theater where she worked alongside the great “masters” as the generation of founders: Taïb Seddiki and Mohamed Hassan El Joundi. Amina Rachid is also known for her ease and her desire to work with the emblematic figures of the field as well as with the younger generation.

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