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El Kef: A “feminist” ad gone the wrong way and receives backlash

Written by FDM

El Kef soap brand thought about tackling the stereotypes often conveyed by ads of household products, but has completely gone the wrong way, portraying women in a way deemed even more sexist and degrading.

Produced by the advertising agency Shem’s Publicité, the new ad by soap brand El Kef sparked outrage on social media. Showing women all dressed up in flashy clothing and full-faced makeup doing laundry or wiping the floors, all while smiling and repeating stupid gestures, while singing these words: ” Nothing makes you happier than a clean house . That’s what you learned when you were little. (…) Your husband says my wife rocks at home (…) Housekeeping all day is only pleasant on TV. ” and other similar lyrics.

The company posted the video with the legend: “No one likes to do the housework, but El Kef will make it more effective. Women use their voices to denounce the misconceived ideas about house work in our society”.

However the ad was soon met with backlash from social network users. ” Frankly, it’s shameful and totally SEXIST! ” one user wrote. ” Do you think you’ve been innovative with this ad?”, “I am so tired of this sexist crap. Pretty women in bright colorful clothing displayed dancing and singing like monkeys with soap foam all over their heads. Disgraceful.”

On the other hand, the brand and agency Shem’s Publicité, described it as a parody supposedly denouncing sexist clichés. ” The advertisements for detergent brands are all alike and tend to idealize this task and make it appear that everything is easy ,” explained Bruno Perrussel, CEO of Shem’s Publicité, to 2M. “So we wanted to denounce this by parodying these cliché ads that show women happy objects to do housework”.

Mission accomplished? we can’t seem to conform..

El Kef 2017 Campaign

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Publié par Shem's Publicité sur jeudi 25 mai 2017