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Egyptian TV host sentenced to jail for supporting single mothers

Written by FDM

Egyptian TV host, Duaa Sayed Salah, has been sentenced to three years of jail for a segment she presented on single moms in Egypt.

According to media reports, Egyptian court has issued a ruling to jail talk show host Dua Sayed Salah for three years on charges of « inciting infidelity and immortality, » demanding that she pays 10,000 Egyptian pounds (MAD 5384) in bail money.

The video above sees the host wearing a fake baby bump and arguing, in an episode aired on July 2017, that women can get pregnant out of wedlock through temporary marriage contracts or by resorting to sperm donors.

« You can be the mother and father at the same time, » she said, « women can become single mothers after divorce, a husband’s death, or if a woman simply decides to have a baby without getting married. »

She then went on to compare the situation with single mothers of the west: « [In the West] you would give birth and become a mother while remaining single, without having someone (a man) giving you headaches, » she said.

She concluded by asking, « If we actually had single mothers in our community, what would you do to us? »

After the controversial episode, lawyer Ashraf Naji filed a lawsuit accusing Salah of  « incitement to immorality and committing dishonorable acts. »  Whereas the head of Egypt’s Media Syndicate, Hamdi Al Kanaisi, deemed Salah’s episode as a « moral and professional violation. »

According to Al Arabiya, Salah discussed the issue after the story of a single mother named Hadeer Mekawi caused a stir in Egypt earlier this year.