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Egyptian journalist hosts TV show with a bruised face to condemn domestic violence

Written by FDM

Manal Agha, an Egyptian journalist, showed up with a bruised face on her TV show. Though it was in fact makeup, the young woman wanted to shock and condemn the domestic violence in her country.

The TV show hosted by Manal Agha did not go unnoticed. The Egyptian journalist appeared on TV with a swollen face, explaining in the first minutes that she had thought of canceling the show, but  had finally chosen not to hide.

« Marriage is based on affection and compassion, not on humiliation and violence,  » she said, adding that  » we must stand up against this violence and I encourage other women who are also subjected to such violence to rise « . After the break, the young woman continued her broadcast but … without any more trace of violence.

In fact, the bruises were fake. Pure make-up. By doing so, Manal Agha  simply wanted to mark the spirits and stir a buzz to denounce domestic violence in Egypt, a scourge common in all the countries.

In Morocco, the numbers are alarming. According to the report of the Moroccan Observatory on Violence Against Women, more than 38,318 cases of violence were recorded in 2014. A sad reality which a United Nations regional commission based in Beirut, Lebanon proved, last week, an existent correlation between « intimate partner violence » and a country’s economy in the Arab world.