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Drawing steps out as an art discipline in « Printemps du dessin » exhibition  

« The return of drawing » theme of this exhibition promotes drawing as an art form in itself.

Galerie Villa Delaporte holds its second edition of   » Printemps du dessin » exhibition (Drawing Spring) to the delight of amateurs, professionals, collectors and the general public.

In a digitized world, and with the wide availability of computers, scanners and image softwares, drawing, often paired with painting and considered as its unfortunate ancestor, would sink into oblivion if not for these kind of exhibitions.

With that in mind, Mouna Hassani, exhibition curator, along with Saad Hassani organized this event to renew the interest of people and treasure this beautiful art form. Several contemporary artists participated in this edition: Younès Baba Ali, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Kenza Benjelloun, Tahar Benjelloun and many more…

With « The return of Drawing » as the theme for this edition, Galerie Villa Delaporte joins the numerous galleries across the world in promoting this treasured skill.