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Dr. Leila Mezian laid the foundation stone of her upcoming Museum of Arts and Traditions

Written by FDM

Dr. Laila Mezian Foundation hosted an inauguration event this October 30, for its Museum of Arts and Traditions expected to take form at the intersection of Boulevard Moulay Youssef and Roudani Casablanca.

Many personalities from both the artistic and economic spectrum were present at the event. The best of both worlds came to witness the laying of the museum’s first foundation stone by Leila Mezian Benjelloun, the president of the BMCE Bank Foundation and wife of the finance magnate, Othman Benjelloun.

The project, which extends over 1200 m², is to showcase  art in its “traditional” aspect. Jewels, carpets, paintings, the president of the BMCE Bank Foundation will not skimp on the means to make her museum “an architectural jewel,” and ” a source of pride of all Moroccans”  as she declared in her inauguration speech, adding that in two years time, her unique collection will be open to the public.

The architect in charge of the project, Tarik Oualalou (son of the former Minister of Economy and Finance) said that the main aim is to “close up the crossroad with an urban site in a way that takes part in a long path of innovation.”

Offices, exhibition spaces, bookstores … The building, which stands on a height of 26 m, is inspired by the Mohammed VI museum of modern and contemporary art. The famous architect, who is also responsible for projects in the seaside resort of Taghazout, near Agadir, and the renovation of the Balima hotel in Rabat, even carried out a comparative study with the museum in Rabat.