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Dr. Imane Kendili presents « La drogue expliquée à mes enfants » 

Written by FDM

Dr. Imane Kendili, psychiatrist, addictologist and sexologist has just published at Orion Editions, a book dedicated to drugs and their ravages in Morocco. A didactic and scientific book that dissects all types of addictions of which millions of Moroccans are now victims.

Dr. Imane Kendili, an experienced psychiatrist and addictologist, having worked in units of extremely dangerous patients, victims of the misdeeds of the drugs, is giving us here a double opinion. First, as a mother of her two sons. Then, as a clinician, practitioner, doctor who took the pulse of society, who was confronted with the most extreme situations, who saw young people leaving, others lose consciousness of the world and sink into parallel consciousnesses, when some have simply abdicated from having hope and putting an end to their lives while the future could open up and have them achieve exceptional things.

Dr. Imane Kendili is subtly reminding us, sometimes in a frontal way, that we can all fall into drugs and no longer know how to cope. That doesn’t only happen to other people. It affects all the fringes of society. Rich, less affluent, poor, families in total destitution, young, old, educated or illiterate, from urban areas or living in rural areas.

The alarming numbers of young people plunged into the hell of drugs gives goosebumps.  Dr. Imane Kendili’s book has the merit of tackling in a clear and scientific way the problem of this evil that is eating away our society.

Orion Editions. 2019. 196 pages. 200 DH.