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Dounia Batma, Malca, 3MA, Babylon, … at the 15th edition of the Timitar Festival 

Written by FDM

For the 15th time in a row, the coastal city of Agadir is hosting from July 4 to 7, the Timitar Signs and Culture  Festival. Moroccan and international artists are programmed on three stages, along with the Islamicologist Rachid Benzine during a round table.

The festival is gaining stature over the years. More than one million people attend every year at the friendly invitation of Amazigh Music, diversity, talents and tolerance.

Several Moroccan artists will participate to promote the said elements like: Douzi, Aymane Serhani, Dounia Batma, Youness, Oudaden, Zina Daoudia, Aminux, Larbi Imghrane, Hamid Inerzaf, Cherifa, Hadda Ouakki, Toudert, Farid Ghannam, Imdukal Tafraut, Shayfeen, Taskiwine, Rais Lahoucine Amarrakchi, Rais Lahoucine Elbaz, Rais Ahmed Bizmaoune, Rais Lahoucine Amentag, Rais Belmoudden, Raissa Keltouma Tamazight, Raissa Fatima Tamanarte, as well as the musical troupes of Ahwach Argan Tafraoute, Ahidous Izourane, Ahwach Tagmout and Rokkba Ahl Essalam …

Foreign artists such as Shirine Abdel Wahab from Egypt, The Wanton Bishop (Lebanon), Inner Circle (Jamaica / USA), Samira Brahmia (Algeria), Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia), Marema (Senegal), 3MA (Morocco / Mali / Madagascar), Babylone (Algeria), Kel Assouf (Niger), Virginia Guantanamera (Cuba), Malca (France), Kasba (Netherlands), Aywa (France) and Gabacho Morocco (France / Spain / Morocco) will also be present.

And that is not all, the Festival also schedules various round tables and debates namely the one on ” art and culture what are they really for? With Islamologist Rachid Benzine.

This event will be organized with the help of various organizations, including the local authority of Agadir, the Souss Massa Region, the Wilaya of Souss Massa and particularly the National Tourist Office and the Association of Hoteliers of Agadir.