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“Double”, portraits of great figures by Zakaria Ramhani at L’Atelier 21

Written by FDM

The painter Zakaria Ramhani will present from April 10 to May 18 the last series of his project “De droite à gauche”. An exhibition called “Double” to be found at the art gallery L’Atelier 21 in Casablanca.

“Double” is the name of the latest series of Zakaria Ramhani exhibited from April 10 to May 18 at the art gallery L’Atelier 21 in Casablanca. It is part of his project “De droite à gauche” (From right to left) started in 2006 and still in progress.

In this long work, the painter composes, through a dense network of Arabic and Latin calligraphic letters, a series of portraits. In these latest works, he painted portraits of great names that have counted in his life as Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Garcia Marquez Gabriel or Ernest Hemingway. They are universal figures of human creativity, represented here during their childhood or adolescence just before the crystallization of their genius, as L’Atelier 21 described in a statement.

On the paintings of Zakaria Ramhani, the faces are double or even multiple. The artist continues his research on the representation of the human figure, as pointed out by the art gallery.

Zakaria Ramhani’s project has already been seen around the world. He has exhibited at the British Museum in London, the Arab World Institute in Paris, the National Museum of Bahrain and the Barbican Center in London. The painter has also participated in many artistic events such as the 8th edition of the Dak’art Biennale (Senegal), and the Art Paris Abu Dhabi (UAE) or Art Central Hong Kong (China) fairs.