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Donald Trump unworthy of meeting the royal family of England?

Written by FDM

Looks like the usual official state visit for the American President to the United kingdom will lack its typical traits: parade in a carriage, a speech before the deputies of Westminster and official banquet at the palace with Queen Elizabeth II .. and the reason being is this!

Two disrespectful tweets against Kate Middleton surfaced on Donald Trump’s account. A petition was launched by British citizens to « prevent from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom ».

In 2012, Kate Middleton and Prince William spent a romantic vacation at the edge of a private pool in the Lubéron when a paparazzi photographed the Duchess of Cambridge topless. The stolen pictures were soon found in Closer , before making the front page of the international media.

At that time, Donald Trump had already begun displaying his lack of total respect for women by posting two sexist tweets against Kate Middleton, as revealed by the Daily Mail.

And because Uk citizens are very attached to their Princess Kate, a petition was launched to prevent Donald Trump’s visit to the Buckingham Palace. It has already harvested nearly 1.8 million signatures. They believe that « misogyny  » and the « vulgarity » of Donald Trump make him unworthy of meeting the royal family.