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Don Bigg’s newest single denounces women’s objectification and misogyny

Written by FDM

Moroccan rapper DON BIGG’s newest music video is making a sensation for its implication of social schizophrenia that feeds misogyny in the Arab world.

After he announced his comeback on December 22nd in his single 170 KG that counted 15 million views after only two weeks it went online on YOUTUBE, DON BIGG releases his latest project named PW (PSYCHO WRECKING).

This single celebrates the 20th anniversary of the very first live appearance of the young Taoufik Hazeb under the name of BIGG, who made his first artistic steps rapping in English.

Inspired by the latest horrifying events to have taken place in the country, DON BIGG releases PW with a video clip denouncing social schizophrenia that feeds misogyny in the Arab world in particular. The latter begins with women’s objectification, leading to physical violence against women and in some cases to horror scenes like the one that have recently made headlines in Morocco and elsewhere.

DON BIGG’s artistry has ingeniously managed to treat such a heavy and dark subject. Through stunning and deliberately shocking images, the video clip illustrates this theme utterly. His uniquely powerful yet delicate voice unfurls on a catchy and upbeat music composition that combines Trap and Afrobeat, with notes sometimes sweet and melancholy, sometimes sparkling and hectic.

In the span of 2 days, PSYCHO WRECKING has harvested roughly 3 million views on Youtube. It will be available the first week of February 2019 on streaming and legal download platforms.