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Dog crashes live news broadcast in Russia goes viral

A black dog (Labrador) has become internet sensation after barging in a news live broadcast of a Russian TV station.

A video from the MTRK World News broadcast, posted to the broadcaster’s official YouTube account, shows the female anchor delivering a story about a Moscow demolition when something under the desk in the studio startles her by barking.

The presenter did her best to remain calm and professional until she couldn’t ignore the dog anymore. « I’ve got a dog here, » she announced in Russian.

« What is this dog doing in the studio? »

The dog can then be seen popping up on the desk to get a better look and even has a sniff around.

The presenter then reluctantly patted the dog but also declared she was actually a cat person.The station reportedly later said the dog was supposed to appear on another show but got loose while in the studio. An intrusion that might have gone down well, the video has been seen more than five million times on YouTube.