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Disney is struggling to find their perfect Aladdin and Jasmine, Twitter steps in

Written by FDM

Finding the perfect Aladdin and Jasmine for Disney’s live-action movie remake revealed to be a difficult task.

The cast of the 1992 cartoon remake is much more complicated than expected. Disney is currently preparing a real-life remake of the 1992 Aladdin cartoon. Problem, British Guy Ritchie, a director attached to the project, is piling up the delays. According to reports, he can not find the perfect actors to play the hero and his princess, Jasmine. More than 2,000 candidates from Egypt, India and the Emirates were unsuccessfully reviewed reports Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood industry seems complicated when it comes to finding a main character from another ethnic group. Yet it is not for the lack of candidates. Internet users decided to take things in hand by suggesting, to Disney, actors they find suitable for the job.