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# dima9rab, your messages to your families broadcasted on TV

Written by FDM

The platform welcomes video messages from its users destined to their parents and grandparents and transmits them through television. This is the concept developed by Orange Morocco during the month of Ramadan.

Keeping in touch with family members has never been more essential during the period of quarantine. Following this observation, Orange proposed a new concept: A messages to your parents and grandparents via television. To do this, just send a video message, like: We miss you dear Dad, Mom, brother, friend, birthday wishes or for Ramadan; baby’s first steps; a song …

In addition to its contribution to the Special Fund for the management of the coronavirus pandemic, both in cash and in-kind, by helping provide medical equipment and materials (donation of masks, gloves, gel, medical equipment,…) to the Ministry of Health, Orange Morocco also provided accommodation for nursing staff at Casablanca hospitals by providing them with accommodation throughout the confinement period, or even distributing food baskets to families in need.