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‘Devines’ by Houda Benyamina earned three César wins

Written by FDM

« Devines » by French-Moroccan Houda Benyamina has been awarded three César awards on February 24 ceremony.

“Divines”, by Franco-Moroccan director Houda Benyamina, won three César on Friday night in Paris. The film was awarded the best first film award, bestowed to Houda Benyamina, the best new actress for Oulaya Amamra, the director’s little sister, and Best Supporting Actress for Déborah Lukumuena.

The film was nominated for seven awards, including those of the film director, original screenplay, director and editing. The award of the best film finally went to “Elle” by Paul Verhoeven.

One of the highlights of the evening, is the win of The  20 years-old  Oulaya Amamra for  best new actress. The latter was very moved, when she thanked her mother (“Mother, you are the strongest”), her sister Houda and also paid tribute to her deceased father.