Dessert recipe: Orange Parfait

Written by FDM

Chef Moulay Rachid Fadili of Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay offers us today a delicious dessert: the orange Parfait, for a gourmet snack or to finish a beautiful meal.


Vanilla cream

700 cl cream
60 g of glucose
210 g egg yolks
150 g caster sugar
40 sheets of gelatin
½ tablespoon vanilla

Orange jelly

600 g orange juice
200 g of grapefruit juice
140 g caster sugar
36 g cornflour
Orange blossom ice cream

1 l of milk
175 g caster sugar
100 g of cream
50 g of glucose
200 g of orange blossom


Make a custard then add the gelatin, put it in a silicone mold. Heat the orange juice and grapefruit then add sugar and cornflour. Let it scramble, then add the gelatin mass.

Heat the milk, sugar and glucose cream at 85 °C, add the orange blossom. Mix everything. Cool and put it in the ice machine. Bon appétit!