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‘Despacito’, the Palestinian version

Written by FDM

Palstinian Youtube star Noel Kharman and musician Andinius teamed up for an Arabic-Sanish mashup of Justin Bieber’s remix of ‘Despacito’.

The results are nothing short of spectacular. With Noel’s rich-toned voice and Audinius’s guitar skills, the melodies flow swimminglyinto the ears. Indeed, the song has already reached a milestone of 1 million views, four days after its release.

Noel Kharman has always had a style of her own mixing different genres and languages into one song. Her mashup of Adele’s song Hello with Lebanese singer Fairuz’s Kifak Enta was a big hit, and raked up more than 13 million views.

So how’s that for a change from the widespread Justin Bieber’s remix of Despacito?