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“Derviche mon Amour”, the creation of Kawtar Kel to discover in Casablanca

Written by FDM

“Derviche mon Amour” is the latest creation by Kawtar Kel scheduled on November 2nd at the Federation des oeuvres laïques (FOL) and November 3rd at the Uzine in Casablanca. A show in which Djalâl-od-Dîn Rûmi and Shams de Tabriz are rediscovered in an original and poetic way.

Brillint show “Derviche mon Amour” (Dervish My Love) will take place at FOL and the Uzine in Casablanca respectively on November 2nd and November 3rd.  Performed by actors and dancers Thomas Laubacher and Salem Sobihi of the ChoreSophes comapany, the show will revive legendary encounter between one of the the Sufi tradition’s greatest mystical poets: Djalal-od-Din Rumi and Shams of Tabriz.

“The two men were only ONE – Supreme Union. But what remains after the mourning of Self? As we read in a statement. ”

“Derviche mon Amour” is a mystical journey that combines power and finesse, sacred dance of dervishes, intoxicating original music by Samuel Sené, and incredible poetry. For enlightened souls, they may speak more of “nostalgia for the Divine”, a quest for the absolute. For the artist, it’s more about fundamental questioning in creation, as described in the statement.

A creation which thus wishes to celebrate an apparent earthly Love, that was in fact a Love of divine essence.