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Denmark set to ban burqa and niqab

Written by FDM

Denmark is the set to ban the burqa and the niqab, worn by some muslim women, after the majority parliamentary parties announced last Friday their support for this measure.

Denmark is the next European country to ban a full-face veil in public places as the liberal Venstre Party, the senior member of the ruling coalition, has announced its support for the decision.

France , Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria have all introduced restrictions on the wearing of the Muslim integral veil in public places.

“This is not a ban on religious clothing, this is a ban on masking,” Liberal Party spokesman Jakob Ellemann-Jensen told reporters. This would mean a ban on the niqab and the burqa, he added.

In Denmark, around 200 women wear such garments. The government, its ally the Danish People’s Party and the main opposition Social Democrats have all said they are in favor of a ban, though they are still discussing how the ban should be designed and enforced.

“There will come a masking ban in Denmark. That’s how it is,” Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen said on Facebook.

This week, Austria has also announced the ban of full Islamic veil in public places. Last May, Parliament passed a law on integration, which came into force last Sunday. Any violation of this controversial measure is punishable by a fine of 150 euros.

But in Morocco, it is the sale of the garments rather than the wearing that was banned last January and which divided opinions.