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« Deep State » production team wrap up party in Morocco

Written by FDM

The time of the Fox’s British series « Deep state » in Morocco has come to an end. Or so it appears from this video that shows the production team in extremely festive atmosphere.

The series starring actors Mark Strong (« Kingsmen », « Miss Sloane », « Kick Ass », …), Joe Dempsie (« Game of Thrones ») and Moroccan-British actress Karima Mcadams (known for having personified the video game character Lara Croft), completed its production in Morocco on July 6th.

The opportunity for members of the Moroccan film crew to throw a wrap up party. In a video shared on Instagram by the Moroccan-British actress, the team is seen celebrating in joy and excitement, and in a very local style songs, whistles and applause, the end of the filming that took place in the kingdom:

Moroccans do it better. #WrapParty 🍾🌍🎬

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However the entire production is not finished yet. Producer Khadija Alami specified that shooting will resume on Monday 16 July in England.

The series follows the misadventure of a former agent, MI6 (British Secret Service), incarnated by Mark Strong, forced to resume service in order to return to a normal life. According to the Deadline website, Karima Mcadams will play the role of Leyla Toumi, « an intelligent and intransigent elite spy ».