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The Danser Casa show makes its comeback

Written by FDM

The show Danser Casa will come back shake the stages of the Studio des Arts Vivants in Casablanca with a performance scheduled on Wednesday, January 9 at 9pm.

Danser Casa is a hit show with 8 hip hop dancers including a woman. It is an exceptional show that returns Wednesday, January 09 at the Studio des Arts Vivants in Casablanca. A creation created by two choreography figures, Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki who accompanied these dancers.

Because in addition to embodying Casablanca, Danser Casa shows the artistic effervescence of Moroccan youth. For an hour, the public will admire the overflowing energy of artists who each have their “specialty” often learned as an autodidact.
On stage, a mix of acrobatics, circus, popping, locking, parkour, new style house and even contemporary dance. Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki who have been appointed heads of National Choreographic Centers in France, have come together after 20 years around this project which aims to highlight the talent of Moroccan dancers. Successful bet !

Dance Casa: Wednesday, January 9th at 9pm at the Studio des Arts Vivants.