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Dadju, Gims’ brother, settles in Marrakech

Written by FDM

Marrakech continues to attract international stars. It is the turn of Dadju, the French-speaking male artist of the year 2020 -NRJ Music Awards- and triple platinum record, to take up residence there.

Good news for the thousands of Moroccan fans of the young artist with great talent, velvet voice, natural grace, and exquisite sensitivity.

By settling in Marrakech, Dadju follows in the footsteps of his elder brother and mentor, the famous world star, Gims, who has lived in the ochre city for six years. A source of pride for those close to him, starting with Youssef Aarab, a great family friend, right-hand man, adviser, and artistic director of Gims, who played a key role in convincing Dadju to set his sights on the city of Marrakech.

“My attachment to the city of Marrakech is strong… like my brother Gims. If I decided to settle there, it is to express my love for this inspiring city ”, declared, Dadju. The love of Marrakech and Morocco is a family affair. Gims had reiterated, in a recent media release in Morocco, on the sidelines of the launch of his new album “Scourge”, his deep admiration and attachment for the Kingdom.

Dadju’s decision comes as the artist’s career takes a decisive step. The maker of tubes has a series of successes. Everything works for him. The year 2021 promises to be rich in projects and collaborations for the superstar. Marrakech will bring good luck to the artist, whose artistic career is booming.