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Dabke challenge, new viral dance challenge to test your abs

Written by FDM

Ever heard about the Dabke? This Arabic folk dance of the Mediterranean coastline is surprising: it is beautiful, but above all quite physical. And it has become a real challenge on the Internet!

To each season its own challenge. There has been the Ice Bucket Challenge , the dangerous Salt and Ice Challenge or even the BraToss Challenge. And look no further, we found the one of this summer.

The Dabke challenge comes straight from the cultures of the Middle East. It is a lively and joyful dance where people form a horizontal line and start stomping their feet while walking. However, this year’s challenge has taken things to a different level. It is about maintaining the line and rhythm while someone climbs the wall (all the way to the sealing if they could) in order to spice up things. And it’s VERY impressive.

#Dabke done Right! The Lebanese way! 🇱🇧 #dabkechallenge

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According to the dancehistorydevelopment travel website , this choreography – which can also be spelled Dabké or Dabkeh – is mainly performed in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq.

It is above all a line dance where everyone stands in a line holding hands facing outwards or to the audience (if there is an audience). The dance usually starts with a musician playing a solo and then the dancers start to move together creating a synchronized movement and step.