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“Daba o Dima”, a song to promote positive masculinity

Written by FDM

It is a hymn to men. Signed by the Quartiers du Monde association, “Daba o Dima” is a new song that promotes positive masculinity.

The Quartiers du Monde association, which combats violence against women, in particular, is addressing men by launching ” Daba o Dima” (now and forever), a song for promoting positive masculinity, and therefore the role of men in society and in the daily domestic life.

“Because that It is essential, now and forever, to seek to improve the well-being, happiness, love, health, and safety of all family members, and to reduce the panic linked to the health crisis, discrimination, pressure, and violence against women and children”, the association explains in a press release.

The song thus took shape in view of the extent of violence against women, which rose sharply during the confinement caused by the health crisis. However, as the association adds, “during these last months of confinement, men, all social categories combined, have committed themselves, particularly on social networks, to shift practices and stereotypes onto the roles assigned to women and to men ”. For Quartiers du Monde, “a social change is born  “, since, as it reiterates, “individual and independent actions shared on social networks have proven the evolution of mentalities and the commitment of men for equality.”