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Cultural comeback: the French Institute unveils the program

The French Institute of Morocco puts its cultural return firmly under the sign of the hummingbird. The rich and diversified programming is connected to the world we live in and opens the way to enlightening cultural sharing.

Among the highlights of this cultural season, the public will have an appointment with the Song of Hummingbirds scheduled for October 6 and 7, organized in collaboration with the Colibris Association, the Shems’y National Circus School and actors in civil society.

With the aim of “inspiring, connecting and supporting citizens who aspire to put ecology and solidarity at the heart of their daily lives”, this program is an expression of ideas of the ecologist and thinker Pierre Rabhi. A conference of the latter, scheduled on October 6 from 11 am to 12 pm, will open the cycle of a program articulated around concerts, screenings, workshops, debates and meetings. This conference, “will be an invitation to contribute to the emergence of new initiatives in favor of the happy sobriety that it calls for” as the organizers of the event assure.