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COVID-19: World Merit Morocco’s fundraising campaign to support affected social categories 

Written by FDM

World Merit Morocco joins forces with LeaFunder to create the “#LeaveNoOneBehind” campaign, a fundraising digital platform for those who are financially affected by the lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak.

While staying at home may seem like the best option to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus in the world, some of us can’t afford this luxury. Small businesses, low-wage workers, and those who depend on a daily income to support their families are now in the most critical situation.

The main goal of the تف_ك_رونا# #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign is to provide a sum of MAD 4,500 to more than 100 families or individuals over a period of 6 weeks. The campaign is considered a means of enhancing social solidarity among members of Moroccan society and creating an opportunity for those who wish to contribute to mitigating the negative effects of this crisis on the vulnerable groups of our society. Members from various local councils of the World Merit organization are thus working to spread information about the campaign and collect information about individuals and families most in need.

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For more information about the campaign and in order to donate, please consult the following website: