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Couscous with Foie Gras and Argan oil

Written by FDM

Chef Moha has us used to an inventive and creative cuisine. His couscous with Foie Gras did not break the rule. Consisting of 30% of semolina flour and 70% of vegetables cut into tiny pieces, steamed then sprinkled with juice before welcoming a slice of Foie Gras pan-fried and flambé. Such a delight.

Preparation time: 30 min. Cooking time: 1h. For 8 people


– 1 kg durum wheat semolina
– 1kg 200g of Foie Gras
– 5 pieces of carrots
– 6 pieces of zucchini
– 2 pieces of cucumbers
– 5 g of salt
– 1 pinch salt of Guérande
– 5 g white pepper
– 6 cl of argan oil
– 1.5 cl of peanut oil
– 1.5 cl of vinegar


Mix the couscous semolina with 1 tablespoon peanut oil and then wet with boiling water. Allow the semolina to absorb the water and place it in the couscous steamer until the steam passes through the beans. Remove it from the steam basket and repeat the process a second time adding 1 teaspoonful of salt (according to taste). Return it to the couscous steamer until steam passes through the beans. Then repeat the process one last time adding the finely chopped vegetables, cook for 15 minutes.

Coat the semolina with argan oil and place on individual hollow dishes in the shape of a circle.

In a frying pan, brown the Foie Gras pieces on both sides by adding vinegar, remove from the pan and arrange them on top of semolina circles.
Season with white pepper and Guérande salt.

Recipe by Dar Moha, Marrakech. Such. : 0544 38 64 0. The Bled, road Ourika, 5 km from Marrakech.Tél. : 05 24 38 59 39.