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Contemporary art in the spotlight at Art Week Casablanca

Written by FDM

The second edition of « Art Week Casablanca », cultural and artistic initiative dedicated to contemporary art in Morocco, will take place from April 4 to 8, announced Tuesday in Casablanca, Mehdi Haj Khalifa president of this event.

This cultural event brings together a series of works of 70 artists, Moroccans and foreigners, who can be discovered during an exhibition tour: Starting from Casablanca hotel where major works of local galleries will be hanging on the walls, passing by the Galerie Venise Cadre where we’ll get to discover the works of internationally renowned artists such as Roberta Gigante and Cecile Bart (Curatorial Link Program), to the Galerie de l’Immobilier Prestigia promoting the new Moroccan art scene including Jihad Eliassa or Sanae Arraquas (Mastermind Program).

According to Haj Khalifa, this original edition puts art back in the heart of the city and gives it back its ethical, playful and educational role.