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“Confined Symphony” by Fatna Chanane

Written by FDM

Blocked in Spain since the beginning on March 9, artist Fatna Chanane has decided to make of this experience a new burst of creativity. She’s exhibiting her works created during confinement in the lobby of the Martin Alonso Pinzon Hotel, in the coastal town of Mazagon, Andalusia.

Stranded since the beginning of lockdown for more than four months, in Spain, Fatna found herself alone, with her son, wandering in the immensity of a hotel complex in Mazagon, Andalusia, and decided to make the best out of this experience.

From this forced lockdown, in this Spanish exile, Fatna Chanane created a universe, inhabited by new forms, new souls, invited to move in a new setting, that of a hotel transformed into a fortress. A dungeon from which we hear the complaints of a woman held away from her family.

And in a spirit of sharing, because an artist is never “complete” without these foreign glances on their creations, Fatna Chanane has decided to exhibit her works born of her forced exile, at the hotel where she has called home for more than four months. Entitled ” Symphonie Confinée” (Confined Symphony) this individual exhibition of 32 paintings, is an invitation to travel, in a situation where travel is not allowed.

Until August 5, 2020, Spanish people will be able to discover the works of Fatna Chanane, in the lobby of the Martin Alonso Pinzon hotel, in the coastal town of Mazagon.

The profits from these paintings will be devoted to educational and solidarity actions led by the Tamoune association in Ouirgane, which works in favor of primary schools in the village of Ksar Azekout in southern Morocco and that of the island of Gorée in Senegal.