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Conference with Asma Lamrabet : What is the Reformist Thought of Islam ?

As part of the cycle of conferences « Exchange for better understanding », organized by the Attijariwafa Bank Foundation, the Art Actua space in Casablanca hosted a conference-debate yesterday, June 15th, on the theme « What is the Reformist Thought of Islam ? « , In the presence of Asma Lamrabet.

Asma is a biologist by training and director of the Center for Studies and Research on the Question of Women in Islam in the Rabita Mohammadia des Oulémas du Maroc (CERFI) in Rabat, Asma Lamrabet is an emblematic figure of reformist thought.

Particularly engaged in reflection on the issue of women in Islam, she has published articles that explore controversial issues, such as interfaith marriages, inheritance and religious reform, in a Muslim context.

Among her publications: Qur’an and Women, and Women and Men in charge?: Rethinking authority in muslim legal tradition.