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Community center for women and children to launch in Skhirate-Temara

Written by FDM

King Mohammed VI laid the foundation stone, on May 23, of a community center for women and children in the Commune Mers El Kheir (Skhirate-Temara Prefecture) launched by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity for a global investment of 6 million dirhams.

Women’s independence and empowerment are at the heart of this project pushing for a strong social impact. It reflects the priority given by the sovereign to the improvement of the social and economic conditions of women, particularly those from rural areas, and his desire to fully strengthen their position as a major player in the development of society.

The future center will aim to consolidate the skills of women and girls by providing them with training in job-creating professions, particularly in culinary arts, sewing, hairdressing-aesthetics, preschool educators, and supermarket agent (commercial agent, shelving manager, cashier).

It will also support beneficiary women from disadvantaged backgrounds in the creation of income-generating cooperatives, enabling them to earn a stable income and thus improve their living conditions.

The result of a partnership between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the Holding Al-Omrane, this solidarity project, which will be built within 12 months, will also provide women with spaces for literacy, listening, socio-educational guidance and accompaniment, and provide them with a nursery for the education and pre-school supervision of their children under five.