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Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero exhibits in front of MMVI in Rabat

Written by FDM

Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero and author of the very famous work “Horse” is exposing the latter in front of the main entrance of the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI).

The installation of this 3 meters high and 2 tons of bronze statue is a tribute to the twenty years of King Mohammed VI’s reign and his desire to make art more accessible, explains in a statement the National Museums Foundation (FNM). In front of the MMVI museum, the imposing sculpture of Fernando Botero joins Ousmane Sow’s “Masai Warrior” exhibited in the same museum for the same purpose, says the FNM.

The Colombian artist, born in Medellin in 1932, is famous for his characters with round and voluminous shapes. Today Botero sculptures are part of the urban landscape of the world’s major cities and are exhibited in several Metropolises like New York, Paris, London, Moscow, Florence, Madrid, Singapore and Tokyo.

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