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CNN calls Taghazout the “anti Silicon Valley”

Written by FDM

Once known as a small fishing village, then one of international surfers’ favorite spot, Taghazout has now clearly been upgraded and joined the modern age, thus recently became a “Start-up haven”.

About 20 minutes away from the city of Agadir, once you enter the “tiny” village of Taghazout it would be hard for you to imagine that such a small and simple vacation destination, can be the start-up hub that international media and technophile entrepreneurs have been raving about lately.

In a recent article by CNN, the Moroccan costal village has been described as “an international hotspot” in start-up circles. Rated as the fifth best town for “digital nomads” to live and work in by the users of “Nomadlist”, and one of the world’s best start-up hubs alongside Seattle and London by Virgin, it would be safe to say that the credit goes mostly to “The Blue House”; a co-working space and retreat in the area, for putting Taghazout in the start-up world map.

It is the laid back environment of the whole Taghazout region, that The Blue House founder Aline Mayard believes is the key element which offers “an inspiring and healthy alternative to the frenetic start-up scenes of Western cities”. Adding to that, Mayard sees big with this initiative, as she explained to CNN; “We are trying to build bridges between Morocco and Europe. We want to attract investors and entrepreneurs to this market, and for Moroccans to benefit”.