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The CNDH reiterates its position for the abolition of the death penalty

Written by FDM

The National Human Rights Council reaffirmed its position for the abolition of the death penalty, during a debate dedicated to this issue organized on Tuesday, February 23 by videoconference, as part of the participation of the CNDH in the work of the 46th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The president of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), Amina Bouayach, reiterated the “clear and constant” position of the Council for the abolition of the death penalty, considered “one of the most serious attacks to the Right to Life, this original, supreme and absolute right without which no right, no freedom, no justice can exist ”.

In a debate held under the theme ”human rights violations linked to the application of the death penalty, in particular, regarding whether the application of the death penalty has a dissuasive effect on the crime rate ”, the president of the CNDH praised “the long-standing fight of human rights defenders in Morocco, against the death penalty, which is neither due to a certain ideology or culture nor to the dogmatism of any mind”.

After noting that “article 20 of the Constitution does not provide an exception to the right to life”, and that “in addition, the legislator has the constitutional obligation to protect it from any infringement or offense”, she indicated that the CNDH “thus pleads against the argument often used by certain political leaders not to repeal the death penalty by justifying itself by the hostility of public opinion to such a measure.” According to the CNDH, “there are no socio-cultural factors specific to Moroccan society which would justify taking into account any specificity concerning the abolition of the death penalty.” And to continue, that “although it is non-dissuasive and ineffective, the death penalty will in no way solve the problems of crime (…) For the CNDH, abolishing the death penalty, is protecting the first right of human rights ”.

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