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Climate change in Africa, the focus of the “Panafricaines” 3rd edition 

Written by FDM

Climate change and its impact on the African continent will be the focus of the third edition of the “Panafricaines” forum, scheduled for March 6 and 7 in Casablanca. The event will bring together more than 300 women journalists from 54 African countries, the organizers announced on Tuesday at a conference.


This edition, organized under the theme “Climate emergency, African media actors of change”, aims to mobilize African media for the stimulation of public debates around the issue of climate change and its impact on African countries and to promote greater visibility of the climate issue in the African media.

The organization of this forum also aims to contribute to building the capacity of Pan-African women wishing to develop expertise on climate and environmental issues, and this within the framework of a united and concerted approach.

According to the organizers, climate change is a crucial issue for the African continent, to the point of determining its development and therefore its future for the coming decades. Given the gravity of the consequences of these changes, African women journalists have no choice but to adopt the role of “proactive media”, allowing well-informed citizens to act at their level, but also to influence their leaders. Speaking at a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the 3rd edition of the forum, the president of the Pan-African standing committee, Fathia El Aouni, said that the theme of this year is not in rupture with those of previous editions which have dealt with migration issues.

The president of the parity and diversity committee of 2M, co-organizer of the “Panafricaines” event, Khadija Boujanoui, said that this edition included a network of 300 journalists as opposed to 200 last year.

The first day of this year’s edition will be devoted to debates, exchanges, and workshops around the central theme. The second day will be reserved for developing an action plan which will be deployed over the current year.

Initiated by the 2M Group in 2017, “Les Panafricaines” is a network of African women journalists whose members come from 54 countries on the continent. Its ambition is to establish itself as a real force for citizen proposals and to influence the media organizations essential to the efficient and powerful dissemination of information.