Classic Tiramisu

Written by FDM

Here is the classic Tiramisu recipe. Easy to make,  however, it requires 4 hours in the fridge before being served. Yet it is a real delight.

(For 4 people)

250 g mascarpone
3 fresh eggs
50 g caster sugar
1   strong coffee
24 Ladyfingers
100% cocoa powder
4 stainless steel circles


1 / In a container, beat the egg yolks and sugar until the mixture whitens
2 / Add the mascarpone and whisk in the robot for 10 minutes then reserve in the fridge
3 / Whisk the egg whites until it stiffens with a pinch of salt in the robot for 15 minutes
4 / Mix the egg whites with the mascarpone and egg yolk preparation by slowly turning them with a spatula from the bottom up, so as not to drop the whites
5 / Very briefly dip the cookies in the black coffee
6 / In each stainless steel circle, place 3 cookies at the bottom, then a layer of the mix, then again 3 cookies, and finally another layer of the mix
7 / Reserve in the refrigerator for 4 hours
8 / Before serving, sprinkle the cocoa
9 / Enjoy!

(Recipe brought by the Boccaccio restaurant in Casablanca)