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Chefs support JOOD association and cook for the homeless

Written by FDM

 The JOOD association mobilized to come to the aid of 500 homeless people in Casablanca by providing them with 3 daily meals concocted by great chefs.

We are not all equal in the face of COVID-19, and the most vulnerable populations (the homeless) are the most affected by it. This is where the JOOD association comes in to help the homeless in different cities of the kingdom. Great actions are thus carried out on a daily basis, such as accommodation in reception centers and also the provision of everything necessary for showering, changing, sleeping, and eating.

Moreover, the JOOD association provides 3 daily meals from several temporary accommodation centers, and this shall all throughout the period of confinement. To support this voluntary action, great chefs have joined. Each of the 12 chefs (Chef Azdin Fathi (Mosaik Clb Casablanca); Chef Baya (La table clandestine Casablanca); Chef Hicham Alami (Chef Consultant in Casablanca); Chef Khalil (Chef Consultant in Casablanca); Chef Masta (Iloli Casablanca); Chef Mohamed Filali (Cuisine Attitude Casablanca); Chef Myriam Zahraoui (La table Chergui Casablanca); Chef Redouane Mansouri (Sofitel Tour Blanche Casablanca); Chef Simo Sajid (Meson Asador Casablanca); Chef Tahir Aissaoui (The kitchenette at Thi Hue Casablanca) Chef Tarik Kabbaj (Rouget de l’Isle Casablanca) and Chef Thierry Papillier (Four Seasons Marrakech)) prepares 50 meals at home with products supplied by JOOD partners and sponsors (Alkursi, Boucherie la source, CAC, Cocotte, Danone, Domaine d ‘Aghbalou, Entraide Nationale, Fondation BMCI, Fromagerie BEL, Kool Food, Nordic plate, Lesieur Cristal, L’hima Labo, Noor Fès, Pain & Cie, Patchi, Patisserie Madame Fhal, Sunpack…).

The products are then delivered to the chefs by the Joodeurs who collect the trays and deliver them to the various centers. A great action that was possible thanks to donations from institutions and individuals, and the generosity of the chefs and all those who contribute to making it happen.