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Chef Moha Fedal rewarded in Washington for his “tanjia marrakchia”

Written by FDM

Moroccan chef Moha Fedal won the jury prize at the 9th edition of the DC Embassy Chef Challenge in Washington on Wednesday May 24th.

In a prestigious culinary contest, where chefs representing different embassies compete, chef Moha Fedal and his assistant, Faiçal Zahraoui, charmed the jury with the typical dish of Marrakech, tanjia marrakchia.

On the menu, Chef Moha prepared a revised tanjia. “This typical dish of Marrakech has been rethought by the chef as well in taste as in form”. Because during this prestigious competition, the chefs are judged based on the taste as well as the presentation and the originality of their dish.

“There is a jury of professionals who judge all the leaders who participate, then comes the points given by the public,” according to Larbi Rmiki, the Cultural Attaché of the Moroccan Embassy in Washington.

Facing Morocco, several chefs from around 40 embassies participated in the Embassy Chef Challenge. “There are participants from all continents European, Asian and American,” explained Larbi Rmiki a few hours from the event.

At the end of the evening, Moroccan chef Moha won the jury prize at the 9th edition of the event, which was attended by Morocco’s ambassador to the United States, Lalla Joumala Alaoui.