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Chadia Arab’s survey on Morocco-Spain seasonal migration depicted in “Dames de fraises, doigts de fée”

Written by FDM

 “Dames de fraises, doigts de fée” is the latest book by CNRS geographer and researcher Chadia Arab, in which she has investigated Moroccan seasonal migration to Spain. It will be released  on February 10.

CNRS geographer and researcher Chadia Arab meticulously looked at Morocco’s seasonal migration to Spain in her latest book “Ladies of strawberries, fairy fingers”. In particularly, it analyzes the circular migration program launched between Morocco and the European Union, which was designed to meet the needs of labor and regulate migration flows.

Results: In the late 2000s, thousands of Moroccan women went to work picking strawberries in the province of Huelva, Spain. They were recruited directly in Morocco, have signed seasonal contracts, and were chosen for the precariousness of their situation and because they leave behind children who will compel them to return … These “Strawberries ladies” are however the forgotten in this program, as Chadia Arab wanted to demonstrate. She has dissected the texts and showed its workings.

Chadia Arab is a specialist in international migration, particularly between Morocco and France, Spain and Italy, as well as the Gulf countries (United Arab Emirates). In 2009, she published a book, based on her thesis, on the migratory flow of Aït Ayad in Spain, Italy and France. The author is expected Saturday, February 10 at the stand of the French Institute and Sunday, February 11 at 4pm at the CNDH booth in the book fair in Casablanca.