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Centuries of Jewish culinary art by Maguy Kakon 

Written by FDM

A new book entitled “L’oriental marocain, des siècles d’art culinaire juif ” by the writer Maguy Kakon has just been published by the Oriental Agency and the publishing house “La Croisée des Chemins”.


Comprising of 250 pages, this book is a collection of culinary recipes that reflect the multiple aromas of the Jewish community in the East and kindles the meeting between a cultural heritage and a territory.

“This book is the reconstruction of the memory of the Judeo-Maghreb community, to relive through texts and photographs, the happy moments of Jewish life on a -humble or pomp- daily basis,” Maguy Kakon wrote in the introduction of her work.

This culinary art was transmitted to Maguy Kakon by her mother Dina Gabay, and all the women who have nurtured her and enlightened her culinary knowledge. She wrote this book to save their heritage from oblivion.

“This book is an act of memory dedicated to giving desire for the Oriental Region, the interest in its identities by celebrating one of them”, writes Mohamed Mbarki, Director of the Oriental Agency, in the foreword of this collection, emphasizing that this approach is aligned with the editorial policy conducted by the Oriental Agency to honor the intangible heritage of the region.