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CDA GALLERY is hosting ‘Benz-Benz, A mechanical odyssey’ exhibition

Written by FDM

This exhibition is an opportunity to perpetuate the testimony of the grand taxi in the daily life of the Moroccan. The aesthetic leaning of these photos by Mamoun Rtal Bennani et Jules Rouffio reveals a documentary of a journey aboard the Mercedes 240.

It is called Grand Taxi not only because it takes long journeys, but also because with its seven seats, it is a generous host. It is also often the only means of transport accessible to populations living in land-locked rural and urban areas.

An almost kitsch icon, already a heritage the Mercedes-Benz 240 strides its last kilometers. A real challenge of its era. It captivates by its space and its resistance; a total of 45,000 vehicles circulate across the country, including 8,000 only in Casablanca!

The photography exhibition is scheduled from February 6 to March 11, 2020. Opening of the exhibition from 7 p.m. at the CDA GALLERY