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Casamouja 2019: Casablanca dresses in the colors of Africa

Written by FDM

From September 25 to December 16, 7 artists representing 7 countries of the continent dressed Casablanca in the colors of a diverse Africa united by culture in light of the 4th edition of Casamouja By Wecasablanca.

Organized on the initiative of Casablanca Events and Animation, this edition saw the realization of 24 new frescoes and graphic installations and the organization of more than 40 workshops.

The new frescoes, which are added to the “monumental canvases” that appeared during the three previous editions, breathe an energizing and invigorating dynamic into the economic capital of the Kingdom and displays the image of an ever so interconnected Africa thanks to the arts and culture.

Casamouja 2019, is also a list of eloquent figures: 21 murals, 3 graphic installations, artistic graffiti and 40 workshops for children making Casablanca a Mecca of international street art and participating in registering this art in a sustainable way at the heart of the city.