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Casablanca to welcome food trucks and kiosks 

Written by FDM

Food trucks and kiosks are now authorized in Casablanca.

The city council of Casablanca has authorized a new urban experience in the city. Food trucks will offer their services around public gardens, at the beach, while kiosks will satisfy populations in money transfer services, the sale of books, ice creams, etc.

This unprecedented experience was adopted at the City Council by the elected officials, during the second part of the February session.

The first validated document is linked to the occupation of the public domain by food-trucks seven meters long and three meters wide equipped with GPS with a distance of one kilometer between each vehicle. This authorization is valid for twelve months, renewable every year.

The food-trucks owners will have to pay a quarterly fee depending on the space their vehicles occupy and will have to comply with the implemented hygiene standards.

Likewise, the kiosks are also subjected to regulations. They must be built with inflammable and stainless materials, such as glass and aluminum, must not exceed 9.2 meters in length, must provide at least 1.5 meters walking space for pedestrians, as well as a distance of 3 meters from neighboring constructions.